Top DVD Rentals of the Spring

DVD_logo_90559o.jpgIt’s the season for rainy days and staying in with friends and loved ones to play Scrabble, have a cup of tea and watch some great DVDs. Here are a few movies I’ve seen this season so far that you absolutely have to run out and get if you’re looking for a good laugh, cry or, scare. See you in the video store!

One More Day

A heartwarming film about a Pimm’s promoter who discovers he’s only got twelve hours to live. Featuring Oscar nominated performances by Colm Feore and Brad Renfro.

The Pocket

In the tradition of the Red Violin, The Pocket chronicles the life of a drifter’s blazer pocket: what goes in it, what comes out, and whose lives are touched by it. Kirk Douglas soars as the voice of a discarded gum wrapper.

Tackle me Pink

Groundbreaking and controversial film that tells of the oft overlooked struggle of the homosexual varsity quarterback. Corey Feldman stars.

JugBust: Phoenix

Sean William Scott reprises his role as Kip Looger in this fourth incarnation of visionary director Michael Mann’s JugBust series. Prior exploits include Jugbust: Atlantic City, JugBust: Detroit, and JugBust: Albany.


A taught, high-tension thriller that follows two Malaysian detectives who go past their jurisdiction as they search Singapore’s underbelly for traces of a serial spitter. Introducing Goh Chok Seng.


1 Response to “Top DVD Rentals of the Spring”

  1. April 29, 2006 at 2:53 am

    Hey Nick,

    I really enjoyed your DVD picks for the spring. What would be great is movie posters right next to the review. Remember. We used to make up fake film names and draw movie posters for them with very obscure titles such as "Action!" and "Ace Ventura: When Pussy Calls". Ah! The youthful abandon of youth.

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