“And I twy”: A superbowl fiasco.

mick.jagger.jpgWhen did Mick Jagger get a speech impediment? Am I completely out of it, or, during his halftime performance of “satisfaction”, was he saying “And I twy…..and I twy….and I twy….and I twy…I CAN’T GET NO!” Sure, I’m not a big football watcher, and maybe I’m a little offside here (pun definitely intended), but shouldn’t they go over this kind of thing before they hit the stage? Maybe Mick bit his tongue just before going on, while reeling back after a particularly good hit of coke.

But maybe…just maybe…that’s what America wants to hear. Maybe speech impediments, being the earliest form of humour ever used, still strike a deeply visceral cord with most Americans. Porky Pig, for instance, being the first cartoon character ever created in the history of the world, had a speech impediment. So did Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Sylvester the cat, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, and many others (if you can think of some more, please send a comment to let me know, cause I’m fresh out). The point is, at least Justin Timberlake didn’t come on stage and rip open Mick’s fly, exposing his “banger and mash”, as he is known to affectionately call his genitalia. I mean, the guy’s legs are are the size of piano wire, imagine his billy club.



2 Responses to ““And I twy”: A superbowl fiasco.”

  1. 1 Tabby
    February 7, 2006 at 2:21 am

    Dear Nick,

    your prolificness of late is something to be admired.

    keep up the good work,


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