What does Google do for you?

I love Google. I really do. When I see people trying to search for things online using Yahoo or Lycos or Dogpile or *shudder* AskJeeves, it makes me want to wretch. All over their heads. And if they’re bald, then on some sort of a thick shag carpet. Basically something that they can’t just wipe off with a warm towel.

And when they’re either in the shower washing my breakfast out of their hair, or on their hands and knees picking out chunks from beneath the delicately woven threads of fine carpetry I want them to remember “If only I had used Google.”

That said, I wanted to elaborate on my post from two days ago (or was it yesterday?…I don’t remember). The video about the future of Google. I tend to support mass media because that’s what I’ve studied. I’ve read about it, written about it, and tried to critique it until I was blue in the face. But it’s not going anywhere. And neither are you or your thoughts, if you care enough about them to share them.

ock.jpgYes, if the world becomes a widespread network of IMs and Emoticons, you’ll have to search harder to filter out all the bullshit. But that’s part of the challenge of being intelligent. Like Doctor Octavius said in Spiderman 2: “Intelligence is not a privilege, it’s a gift.” He knew that you couldn’t sit idly by and watch as people strangled the ideas that would reinvent the world. He knew that if you needed tridium, then you’d have to break a few skulls. He knew that you if you want the power of the sun, you either got it in the palm of your grotesque metal hand or you ain’t got it at all.

So, the point is, if the video below turns out to be somewhat close to what we end up with, it’ll probably be decent. Best case scenario: everyone becomes less ignorant. Worst case scenario: those who want the information will have to spend, what, 20 more seconds of sitting in front of their computer to find it?

And with such a complex information network set up, when aliens observe our planet, trying to gather critical defence information about humans so to better organize an attack, they will be overwhelmed by yellow winking faces and pictures of Jessica Simpson.

Score one more for us, Planet Regulaan.


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