Oh, Keith…Hold ye not yon sign?

As I type, Mr. Keith Fountain of the Conservatives (the aforementioned Harper clone) is currently outside my office window on a street corner (Bronson and Carling), surrounded by about eight supporters holding signs bearing his name. Every now and then, a car honks, but I’m pleased to hear they’re not honking too often. Keith’s chosen to stand out as a leader among them by not holding a sign himself. Instead he’s waving with both his gloved hands and passing cars. This raises a few thoughts:

1. I suppose the people with him are unemployed or else they would be either at work or in one of the cars on their way to work. This suggests that they’re hopeful that a new government will help them secure a job. Guess what, Todd? If you eat your morning cheerios out of an empty can of spaghettios, there’s nothing the government can do for you.
2. What, Keithy, you’re too good to hold your own sign?

3. He’s actually pretty handsome in person. Being taller than the people around you is always the first mark of a leader (ignore people like Napoleon).

4. I gotta go because, like I said, this is taking place outside my office.


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